Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are sessions virtual or in person? 

Sessions are conducted virtually, synchronously via Zoom or Google Meet. 

How does this work virtually?

The principal of non-locality in quantum mechanics teaches us that quantum particles can “know” the states of other quantum particles, even at great distances, and correlate their behaviors with each other instantaneously.

How many appointments are needed? 

Together, we work to create an intention around anything you are looking to embody in your life. After each session I will assess whether or not another session is indicated for this specific intention. Typically, 3 sessions per intention are indicated.

Is this counseling/talk therapy?

This is not counseling or therapy. I am not a therapist. Emotional Release may be found to be quite complementary to therapy but not a replacement for it. Apart from creating an intention and sharing the specific emotional blocks released there is very little discussion.

Is this Reiki?

In short, no. Reiki is a hands-on relaxation technique that balances energy. Reiki practitioners sense/feel blocks in the energy field, but they do not identify what those blocks are. In my practice of  the Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR) modality I utilize muscle testing to identify, name and release specific blocks. MBSR is therefore more granular than Reiki.