Hello! My name is Sarah Carmel Porten and I am an Emotional Release Practitioner.

A few years ago, my family and I became ill with various complex chronic illnesses. As Mom, I quickly discovered that complex chronic illness often needs to be approached in a multifaceted way. I learned that chronic illness could put the body into a state of survival such that healing becomes impossible. I also learned that emotional blocks trapped in the body from previous experiences could prevent overall healing.

One of our physicians recommended working with an Emotional Release practitioner. After a few sessions I knew this was something I wanted to learn how to do, to help my family and others too.

I am excited you found your way here and I can’t wait to work together.


MBSR-P: Mind Body Spirit Release™ Practitioner Professional Level

MBSR-P: Mind Body Spirit Release™ Practitioner Advanced Level

MBSR-P: Mind Body Spirit Release™ Practitioner Foundation Level

MA Education: San Jose State University, San Jose California

Secondary School Teaching Certificate: Hebrew University, Jerusalem

BA History: Hebrew University, Jerusalem