Sarah Carmel

Release Blocked Emotions & Move Forward with Your Life

What is Emotional Release?

Ever feel stuck? We all do at some point. 

As an Emotional Release Practitioner, I am trained in the Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR) Method. MBSR is an impactful technique that helps the body let go of blocked emotions that may be affecting your overall wellbeing and preventing you from moving forward. When humans encounter a difficult or impressionable experience of any kind, the body will produce a physiological biochemical response that may be felt as a physical sensation. The body remembers everything, even when we don’t consciously remember. These memories are encoded as cellular imprints on the DNA and subconscious mind. When a similar experience is encountered again the body may automatically re-enact the same pattern of response subconsciously producing the same uncomfortable physical and emotional reaction. MBSR releases these imprints and gently guides the mind and body back into balance without having to re-live any painful memories.

How does it work?

Together, we work to create an intention around anything you are looking to embody in your life (e.g. wellbeing; health; finances; relationships etc). Utilizing muscle testing I identify the underlying emotional blocks. Cold laser light is then used over various acupressure points to calm the nervous system response and release those emotional blocks stored in the subconscious. Sessions are conducted virtually, synchronously via Zoom or Google Meet.